Rodrigo García (E/ARG)

Rodrigo García, born in 1964 in Buenos Aires, lives and works in Madrid since 1986. He is author, theatre designer and director. In 1989 he started the „la Carniceria teatro“ company and carried out several experimental productions, using a very personal language, away from traditional theatre.
His references are unclassifiable, it goes through the centuries without chronology : you may think of Quevedo – Spanish Golden Age poet – Beckett, Céline, Bernhard but also of Bunuel or yet Goya in his Black Paintings period. Rodrigo García doesn’t want theatre to be only made for specialists that is getting on by codes and dogma. He dreams of a theatre, where anyone would come in without a moment’s hesitation and has developed a drastically physical theatre language. His writing is inspired by the everyday life, by the street where he grew up, by this popular neighbourhood in Buenos Aires where all of his friends were led to become workers or masons. His characters can utter a stream of horrible things and speak in slang – Cervantes language is may be more creative and more blunt than French language – but García avoids the easy caricature and is very careful not to use naturalism. His characters revel in a decline of thoughts and manage to Live and pretend to believe that their ordinary life is so original.
Rodrigo García has writen many plays and usually directs them all, but has also directed plays and poems of  others, such as Thomas Bernhard or Heiner Müller. His last productions are “Versus“ in 2009 and “Muerte y reencarnacion en un cowboy“ and “c’est comme ça et me faite pas chiez“, currently on tour. At the beginning of 2011 “Golgota Picnic” has been created in Madrid.