Terence Hill’s blue eyes

29% staging
13% next generation
29% literature
29% collaboration
Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are back. They are shooting their new film in the cheap western scenery of a theme park for the unemployed. The story’s the same: fighting, drinking and eating beans!
Twenty years after enjoying watching videos as children, copy & waste and their author Jörg Albrecht are now bringing back the anti-heroes of their childhood to cleverly beat the big bad guys and nasty bureaucrats. They counter the standard of socially acceptable under-supply and over-production with the blueprint for a totally different world. But is it possible: not working, bearing oneself, without any added value? Bud Spencer’s swirling fists show us how.
In a time when only those who have always had more than enough may be wasteful, Spencer and Hill masterfully play havoc with everything. But are the western heroes still against it, or is their parasitic joint venture of super-poor and super-rich merely another pillar of the neoliberal, flexible economic order?

  Jörg Albrecht / copy & waste: Terence Hill’s blue eyes    

What World? A text and theatre project

Text Jörg Albrecht
Direction Steffen Klewar
With Janna Horstmann, Steffen Klewar, Sebastian Thiers & Mathias Znidarec
Music Matthias Grübel
Set design Caspar Pichner
Set design assistance Katharina Oberegger
Direction assistance Susanne Berthold
Dramaturgy Wilma Renfordt
Video Ian Purnell
Production Nina Hofstötter & Katja Kettner
Technical directior Oliver Szewc

Production director Graz Dominik Jutz
Technical director Hermann Schapek & Karl Masten
Technical director Grazer Spielstätten Michael Doubek
Light Grazer Spielstätten Rolf Schreiber
Sound Grazer Spielstätten Kurt Schulz

Co-produced by steirischer herbst, HAU (Berlin), Theaterhaus Jena & uniT (Graz)
Supported by the Capital Cultural Fund & Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs

Sound- & Lightsponsor Tec2Fun
Projectsponsor Leder & Schuh

Date and Facts

Fri 07/10 & Sun 09/10, 9.30 pm &
Sat 08/10, 7.30 pm

10 / 8 €

German language