What World?

A text and theatre project

29% staging
13% next generation
29% literature
29% collaboration
Literature and authors play a special role in the history of steirischer herbst. In years past, the festival has frequently asked what role texts and what role authors can play in contemporary theatre productions – beyond the conventional functions of drama and dramatists.
“What World?” invites three young authors with close links to Graz to reflect on their own models of co-operation in very different working constellations.

Sun 09/10, 11 am
“What is an author?”
A discussion with Jörg Albrecht (D), Edith Draxl (A), Johannes Schrettle (A) & Gerhild Steinbuch (A)
Hosted by Erik Altorfer (CH)

Fri 07/10, 4.30 pm, Sat 08/10, 2 & 4.30 pm, Sun 09/10, 11 am, 2 & 4.30 pm
Gerhild Steinbuch (A) / Julie Pfleiderer (D)
Most beautiful is what is already gone

Fri 07/10 & Sun 09/10, 7.30 pm & Sat 08/10, 9.30 pm
Johannes Schrettle / zweite liga für kunst und kultur (A/CO)
how we should do it

Fri 07/10 & Sun 09/10, 9.30 pm & Sat 08/10, 7.30 pm
Jörg Albrecht / copy & waste (D)
Terence Hill’s blue eyesl

Commissioned by steirischer herbst

Date and Facts

10 / 8 €
various venues

Most beautiful is what is already gone
advance sale only

Combi ticket for all
three projects of “What World?”
24 / 19 €

Sun 09/10, 11 am
festival district: Hotel
Admission free
“What is an author?”