Miguel Gutierrez (USA)

Heavens what have I done

70% performance
15% pathos
15% entertainment
A trashy clownfaced man with a Marie Antoinette wig and greasy make-up over stubble grabs the microphone and then the audience for a rambling, now caustic, now maudlin artist’s monologue: the yearning for success, the hypocrisies of an insecure world. And, of course, critics. Personal thoughts mingle with generalities. Vulnerabilities, losses. And strange duet with Cecilia Bartoli’s world-famous mezzo-soprano singing “arie antiche” from Vivaldi and other composers. Between stand-up and conceptual dance, at breath-taking speed. Every movement deliberate and direct, no matter how fleeting it feels.
The American choreographer Gutierrez, whose solo is now billing in Graz flirts and plays with the audience, before finally giving the short evening a new twist – a black-humour anticipation of one’s own demise, a physical and emotional tour de force full of narcissism and self-doubt – melodramatic and prosaic, full of humour and shrewdness. Until everything comes crashing down.

  Miguel Gutierrez: Heavens what have I done    

By and with Miguel Gutierrez
Lighting design Lenore Doxsee
Costumes Machine Dazzle
Set design Jason Simms & Miguel Gutierrez
Music Antonio Vivaldi & others
Production Natalie Robin
Management Ben Pryor / tbspMGMT

Production direction Dominik Jutz
Production Petra Pölzl
Technical director Hermann Schapek & Karl Masten
Technical director Grazer Spielstätten Michael Doubek
Technic Grazer Spielstätten Martin Schachner
With support from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts

Date and Facts

Première in the
German-speaking region
Thu 29/09 & Fri 30/09, 9.30 pm

18 / 12 €

English language

Talk following the second performance

Dom im Berg