Peter Ott / Ted Gaier (D)

Hölle Hamburg (2008)

80% film
20% artist talk
An unsafe harbour under the control of foreign tongues: in Hamburg, a ship has been abandoned by its owners. The crew calls on the help of the ghostly cadres of the Comintern, who take possession of a documentary film-maker’s consciousness. Agitprop as a revenant grown savage and internationalist during the years of its absence. Revolt and voodoo or the invocation of a past in the service of a future that deserves this name.

This film screening is part of the project "Hauntings", curated by Christian Höller and Thomas Edlinger, which explores more secret and uncanny presences in media, art and pop.

Hauntings – Ghost Box Media
Secret and uncanny presences in media, art and pop

Hauntings – Sonic Spectres
Ghosts, shadows and revenants in today's music

Festival district: Cinema

Date and Facts

Festival district: Hotel
Admission free

Mon 10/10, 7.30 pm
Talk following with Ted Gaier (D) & Thomas Edlinger (A)

Festival district: Cinema