34% body
33% eye
33% ear
CineChamber invites you to a new dimension of audiovision. It is both an instrument and a presentation platform; a surround technology specially developed by Recombinant Media Labs for audio and video that immerses us in new worlds of sound and images all specially created for CineChamber.
Together with the four partner festivals of the ECAS network project “Networking Tomorrow’s Art for an Unknown Future”, a whole array of new pieces has been created – some by Austrian musicians and video artists. The event kicks off with the tightly packed, approximately three-hour opening evening with numerous world and Austrian premières; the following afternoons will feature material from the already abundant archive.

musikprotokoll: CineChamber


With pieces by Jade (A), Pita (A/GB), Subshrubs (A), Werner Dafeldecker (A), Lawrence English (AUS), Christian Fennesz (A), Lillevan (D), Monolake (D/NL), Tarik Barri (NL), Signal (D), Ryoichi Kurokawa (J), Biosphere (N/D), Egbert Mittelstädt (D), Maryanne Amacher (USA), Naut Humon (USA), Edwin van der Heide (NL) et al.
Artistic direction Naut Humon (USA)
Technical directionVance Galloway (USA)
Programming & Concept video system Barry Threw (USA)
System technology Anke Eckhardt (D)
Programming & video systemAchim Kern (D)
Co-produced by ECAS / ICAS (European and International Cities of Advanced Sound), Club Transmediale, TodaysArt, Cimatics & CYNETART
With support from the European Union

Date and Facts

Thu 06/10, 7.30 pm
24 / 14 €

07/10 - 09/10, 2 - 6 pm
CineChamber Module
Admission free

Dom im Berg