Leitmotif 2011

Second worlds was the leitmotif of steirischer herbst 2011 – it set out in search of cultural, social, political and psycholical parallel worlds ...


Dancers sing, singers dance – Cesena by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Björn Schmelzer at Helmut-List-Halle.


Mariahilferstraße in Graz becomes for 4 weeks a cosmopolitan little town within the city – with a tendency for bigger things ...

herbst exhibition

Second World – imaginary and political realities curated by WHW, What How & for Whom.
   herbst remixed
   steirischer herbst 2011

24/09/2011 Hans Rosenström: Blindsight
29/09/2011 Eszter Salamon: Tales Of The Bodiless
30/09/2011 Rodrigo Garcia: Gólgota Picnic
07/10/2011 What World? – A text and theatre project
13/10/2011 CREW:  Terra Nova


steirischer herbst 2011 with its leitmotif Second Worlds - Real and unreal parallel systems ended on October 16.
145 projects and around 297 events took place on 24 festival days. 43,225 people visited the festival, not including artistic projects in public space and in the media. Over 600 artists, theorists and other participants from 52 nations were involved.

Randnotizen (Marginal Notes) 2011

with Eric Joris, Sasha Pirker & Christian Ruschitzka, Gerhild Steinbuch & Jacob Wren
18/10/2017 Marie Gamillscheg – 0 jako by Marie Gamillscheg
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