Last Chance Saloon Showdown

34% multidisciplinarity
33% discussion
33% participation
For six months, the Last Chance Saloon in the middle of the Stadtpark has been animated by the spirit that the world as we know it is probably teetering towards its end. If it is still standing where we presume it will on Tuesday 11/10, there will be an evening in the spirit of a final rising-up of the collapsing European Saloon Public, a space in which spectators can become art works, artists can become audiences and waitresses and waiters can become protagonists. A few last ideas will be tested, the soup-kitchen will prepare vegan pancakes that no one, however, will eat, because no one will be left.

  Forum Stadtpark: Last Chance Saloon Showdown    

With Rabtaldirndln, Dr. Gerald Kastberger, Adriana Cubides, Rottleuthner & Lederhaas, the FORUM STADTPARK ProgrammForum and guests.
Co-produced by steirischer herbst & Forum Stadtpark

Date and Facts

Tue 11/10, 7.30 pm

Admission free

Forum Stadtpark