Rodrigo García (E/ARG)

Gólgota Picnic

72% theatre
14% piano
14% excess
A fallen angel speaks. He can no longer bring evil to the Earth, for mankind has already factored in and consumed evil. And so, even the Devil himself fears humanity.
The hill of skulls on which Argentinian-Spanish director Rodrigo García stages his excessive picnic is a hamburger-strewn battlefield of consumption, in which art is, at best, an ornament. A disconcerting version of the world in which we live.
García’s drastically physical theatre language is a raging reckoning with Western civilisation, with us. Immoderate and yet similar to the Bible, whose stories inspire the vast avalanche of the evening, in its force and wild imagery: angels rise and fall, everywhere there is fire, heavens that open, miracles, demons, dead people and unimaginable tortures. And sitting naked at the grand piano in the middle of this theatrical mission is Marino Formenti – whose piano marathon left a distinctive trail in steirischer herbst 2010 – playing Haydn’s “The Last Seven Words of Christ”. Playing and playing, until the last note has faded.

  Rodrigo García: Gólgota Picnic    

Concept & direction Rodrigo García
Piano Marino Formenti
Music Joseph Haydn „Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze“
With Gonzalo Cunill, Nuria Lloansi, Juan Loriente, Juan Navarro & Jean-Benoît Ugeux
Direction assistance John Româo
Lighting design Carlos Marquerie
Video Ramon Diago
Acoustic space Marc Romagosa
Costumes Belen Montoliu
Stage Roberto Cafaggini
Photography Davir Ruano

Produkction direction Dominik Jutz Graz
Technical direction Hermann Schapek & Karl Masten
Technical direction Grazer Spielstätten Michael Doubek
Light engineering Grazer Spielstätte Rolf Schreiber
Sound engineering Grazer Spielstätten Kurt Schulz
Produced by Centro Dramático Nacional (Madrid) & Théâtre Garonne (Toulouse)
Co-produced by Festival D’Automne (Paris)

Sound- & Lightsponsor

Date and Facts

Première in the
German-speaking region
Fri 30/09, Sat 01/10 &
Sun 02/10, 7.30 pm

18 / 12 €

Spanish language with
German surtitles

Talk following the second performance