ensemble recherché


96% soloist ensemble
4% metal pendular
Friends are friends, no matter from which world. And being a friend means trusting – and it is on trust, both musical and artistic, that programmes such as this are founded. Some things are lost in the process, while others are unexpectedly added. The result, hopefully, is a mixture of precision and openness that leads to a combination such as this: the string trio of veteran radical Brian Ferneyhough, the latest piece by his Spanish student Hèctor Parra, French sound bricoleur Hugues Dufourt and Austrian sound conceptionist Georg Friedrich Haas, as a joint concert for which Haas even composes out the dualism of structural precision and a penchant for the uncontrollable when he confronts his meticulous compositional constructions with difficult to control, two-metre-long metal pendulums.

Hèctor Parra (E) Early Life Austrian première
Hugues Dufourt (F) L’Europe d’après Tiepolo Austrian première
Brian Ferneyhough (GB) String Trio
Georg Friedrich Haas (A) Aus.Weg Austrian première


With ensemble recherche (D)
Composition Hugues Dufourt (F), Brian Ferneyhough (GB), Georg Friedrich Haas (A) & Hèctor Parra (E)

Date and Facts

Sun 09/10, 7.30 pm

18 / 12 €