Glimpses of a workshop: acoustic vignettes, audio-visual valuables, walk-in acoustic backdrops and orchestral statements. Being both heterogeneous and yet stringent, the musikprotokoll programme gives insights into the work of younger and older generations of artists working in many different ways with sound, images and space. Heterogeneous because they come from a variety of genres – from ensemble and orchestra to multimedia instruments. Stringent because they all continue to work on the premises of the musikprotokoll tradition: as a platform and production site for young artists, beholden to the aesthetic ambitions of the risk of current modernism and always with a view to the special regional location in the south-east of Europe.

Thu 6/10, 6 pm
07/10 - 09/10, 12 noon - 6pm
The left-hand path
Topographical radio play

Thu 6/10, 7.30 pm
07/10 - 09/10, 2 - 6 pm CineChamber Module

Thu 6/10, Fri 07/10 & Sat 08/10, 11 pm
Hauntings – Sonic Spectres
Ghosts, shadows and revenants in today’s music

Fri 07/10, 7.30 pm
Klangforum Wien

Fri 07/10, Sat 08/10 & Sun 09/10, 9.30 pm

Sat 08/10, 7 pm
Vienna ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra
Gustav Mahler composition competition concert and prize ceremony

Sun 09/10, 12 noon

Sun 09/10, 7.30 pm
ensemble recherché

Sun 09/10, 11 pm

Curated by Christian Scheib (A) & Susanna Niedermayr (A)
Produced by steirischer herbst, ORF Radio Österreich 1 & ORF Landesstudio Steiermark
In co-operation with ORF Kunstradio, ECAS / ICAS (European and International Cities of Advanced Sound), Club Transmediale, TodaysArt, Cimatics, CYNETART, ESC im LABOR, Austrian Composers Association, International Gustav Mahler Society, Vienna ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra, Wiener Konzerthaus & Musikverlag Doblinger

Date and Facts

06/10 - 09/10
various venues

Festival pass
70 / 45 €
Day pass
24 / 14 €